• 4th Year Graduate Student
  • 3rd year Chemistry
  • Undergraduate Researcher

Research topics of interest: organic photodetectors and organic photovoltaics

  • 5th Year Graduate Student
  • Materials Chemistry

Understand loss mechanisms in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells with nonfullerene acceptors

  • Chem 3243
  • Visiting Researcher from VISTEC

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for applications in electronic devices

  • USCB 4th year undergraduate student

Morphology of Organic Semiconductors

  • 2nd Year Graduate Student

Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors and Conjugated Polyelectrolytes. Molecular Structure relationship to Organic semiconductor devices.

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

Nanofabrication, Optics and Magnetic Characterizations, Hydrogen Sensors, Organics Spintronics.

PhD., Physics, University of Georgia (2021)
MSc., Physics, Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, Paris, France (2016)
BSc., Physics, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, Vietnam (2014)

  • Swiss National Foundation Research Fellow

Functional fibers and textiles, polymer and device engineering, micro/nano fabrication and thin films

  • Chem 3132
  • UCSB (1st year graduate student)


Device structure characterization and optimization of organic solar cell with non-fullerene acceptors.

  • UCSB Chemical Engineering Undergraduate

OPV characterization

  • 5th Year Materials Chemistry PhD candidate
  • Link Energy Fellow

Characterization of Organic Photovoltaics:

Optical Simulations, Python Programming

Recombination Studies

Semitransparent OPVs


  • Chem 3132
  • 1st Year Graduate Student

Organic Photodetectors

  • 4th Year Graduate Student
  • 2nd Year Chemical Engineering
  • Undergraduate Student
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

Multi-scale Integrated Chemical Engineering (MICE)


  • 5th Year Graduate Student

Characterization of organic photovoltaics

  • Chem 3243
  • USP
  • Brazil

Organic opto-electronic devices with emphasis in charge & energy transfer, interfaces, photodegradation and processing.